3rd_uydUnderstand Your Dreams

The NEW EXPANDED 3rd. editon, with the addition of 1,000 new images and the new, easy-to-use, 3 STEP METHOD for understanding dreams -

This best selling-book has been translated into German, Portuguese, and Hebrew - Understand Your Dreams is a handy tool kit for anyone who wishes to expand dream awareness.

The easy-to-learn method presented in this breakthrough book has helped thousands to work effectively with their dreams, unlocking the deeply personal and transformative messages they contain. Now with the addition of more than 1000 new images, Understand Your Dreams is an even more effective resource to add clarity, meaning, and personal power to your life.

Understand Your Dreams will help you

  • Remember your dreams
  • Uncover your dream's message
  • Expand the meaning of dream's images
  • Change bad dreams into good ones
  • Interpret recurrent dreams

Endorsements of Understand Your Dreams

...Sample of Understand Your Dreams


    Sample of the book

Image: Associations: Ask yourself:
border Where two states, attitudes or life patterns meet. What new area am I preparing to cross into?
boulder Barrier. Obstruction. Building block What am I ready to surmount? How can I use the material that has blocked my path?
boy Yang power developing. Where is power growing for me?
boyfriend Masculine ideal. What do I admire in a man? What qualities am I ready to integrate?
brakes  Control or slowing of movement. See also vehicles. Where am I ready to feel more.secure with my power?
brain Intellect. Mind. Reason.See also body parts. What am I ready to understand?
bread Sustenance. Shared resources. What do I have? What can I share?
breaking Destruction. Forceful change. What patterns or forms have I outgrown?
breast Nurturing. Female sexuality. Maternal love. See also body parts, What am I nurturing? What part of me needs to be loved?
bride Feminine receptivity. What am I ready to receive?
bridge Connection. Overcoming problems. What am I ready to cross?
briefcase Attitudes and beliefs about work and business. Professional identity. How does my work fulfil or limit me?
brother Masculine aspect of self. Fellowship. What do I admire or fear in myself?
brown Material world. Security. See also colors. What needs organization in my life?
bubble Soaring. Release. Unreal expectations. Where am I ready to rise? Do I fear expectations will not be fulfilled?
bug Minor problems. Inconvenience. What bugs me?
bum Failure. Outcast. Loss of control. See also bag lady. Where do I feel I am losing?


Endorsments of Understand Your Dreams 

Understand Your Dreams is by far the most effective resource of its kind �the Rosetta Stone of dream interpretation.

F.B., Oakland, California

The idea of Image, Associations, Ask Yourself is brilliant and very helpful with the related questions - another facet or component that provides instant insight

S.W., Rio Verde, Arizona

Thank you for your wonderful book.

K.M., Ontario, Canada

I find this dream book particularly helpful and have already recommended it to friends.

B.P., Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

I find Understand Your Dreams really fascinating. It sits in a handy space right by my bed so it's the first thing I reach for in the morning.

A.R., Sturgis, Michigan

I am enjoying your book very much. I have found it very helpful in working with my dreams.

E.O., New York, New York

Understand Your Dreams has been a wonderful help in my recovery and in my healing. It's a great tool for 'awareness' to improve my life.

N.D., Glendora, California

I loved your book! It opened up a whole new world of self-analysis - I've learned a lot! Thank you.

J.P., Thousand Oaks, California

I have been using your book Understand Your Dreams for over a year now and find it very helpful.

B.W., British Columbia, Canada

Thanks you so much for this wonderful dream book. I love it.

S. L., Irving, Texas

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