This workshop is held semi-annually. Please contact Alice Anne for upcoming dates, or to schedule a Ten Year Time Travel Workshop in your area.

Recently I heard from three people who had done a ten year progression in 1995— One woman in Jamaica sent me both her notes from the workshop and a detailed account of how each unlikely event she had forseen had actually occurred. Oddest thing was that she saw herself on a tropical island, not Hawaii, but had no idea where or what it was. Now she knows— Jamaica!

In this visionary adventure we will be looking at a myriad of things, including, but not limited to: place of residence, changes in work, relationships, health, great satisfactions, challenges, and some other surprises.

We will also stop off at December 25, 2012 and look around. I took a group to 2012 during one of the Terence McKenna intensives on the Big Island a few years ago— a trip that produced some extraordinary visions of the future. I so look forward to seeing what's coming up— and maybe making some small adjustments to create the best possible future for ourselves, our island, and the world.