Movie Uproar in HonoluluThe Honolulu Academy of Arts recently denied the people of Hawai'i the opportunity to view Alice Anne Parker's highly acclaimed feminist films.Check out the articles below for all the details.
Honolulu Weekly: Wednesday, July 18th. 2001 Honolulu Advertiser: Thursday, July 19th. 2001

Alice Anne Parker - Filmmaking biography:

I Change I Am the Same: New York Film Festival 1970; Cannes Film Festival 1973; chosen for Facing Eden, The Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco retrospective on Bay Area film art, July,1995, San Francisco International Film Festival, May 2001

Riverbody: Ann Arbor Film Festival 1970; Ann Arbor Retrospective 1992

Near the Big Chakra: Ann Arbor Film Festival 1973; Edinburgh Film Festival 1973, chosen for Lesbian Genders at the Whitney Museum of American Art, April-May, 1996

Introduction to Humanities: Edinburgh Film Festival 1972; Toronto Film Festival 1974

Animals Running: Venice Bianalle 1974 The Struggle of the Meat: Toronto Film Festival 1974

One-person show, Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, 1974

Group Show, Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, July 1995

Group show, Whitney Museum, NYC, May - June 1996

One-person retrospective, Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, CA, Feb. 1998

Group show, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, November 1999

Group show, Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, September 2000

The Color of Ritual, The Color of Thought Group show, San Francisco Cinemateque: 40 Years in Focus, San Franisco International Film Festival 2001

One person retrospective, Honolulu Academy of Art, July 21st, 2001 (this it the show that was banned! See Movie Uproar for details.

Group show, Pacific Film Archive, Alternative Visions— November 2008, Bruce Baillie, Ernest Callenbach, Bruce Connor, Robert Nelson, Anne Severson (aka Alice Anne Parker), Chick Strand

One-person show, 50th Anniversary of The Ann Arbor Film Festival, Oct. 2011.

Special presentation of the films of Maya Deren and Alice Anne Parker. Havana International Film Festival, (Cuba) December 2013.