Amazing Love Story

From an article in the Honolulu Advertiser: Sunday, Febuary 14,1999



Psychic discovers

the inevitable

in meeting her mate


     By 1981, Alice Anne Parker had seen a lot of amazing things in her 10 years as a psychic. Yet she was surprised when she predicted that she was about to meet her life mate.

     She was writing out messages of guidance she had received psychically when she found herself scribbling: "In six weeks, the scales will enter your life in the form of a person. Welcome this love."

     The words made her nervous. She felt she was being warned that the person was someone she ordinarily might not recognize or like. Her only clue was the reference to "scales." Could that mean the person was a Libra?

     Days before the six weeks were up, she received a call from a man she had never met who said he was Henry Holthaus, a friend and co-worker of her daughter's boyfriend.

     He insisted on meeting her for drinks on the coming Sunday. But Alice Anne - who was tired of the men her daughter's boyfriend continually tried to match with her - told him she was too busy. Finally, she relented and agreed to meet him the following week.

     That Sunday, the day Alice Anne had told Henry she was unavailable, she, her daughter and her mother headed for Ala Moana Park for a day at the beach.

     Suddenly, she said, she was "invaded by a presence, caught up in an energetic space I knew better than to resist."

     "It had happened to me before, and I knew enough to trust it." she said. "When it grabs me, I go where it pushes."

     Alice Anne told the other two, "Let's go have a drink before we go to the beach."

     "In our bathing suits?" asked her daughter.

     "On Sunday morning?" asked her mother.

     Alice Anne randomly chose a hotel, parked the car and the three women entered a dark bar and sat at a table. Then she had the pushing feeling again.

    They got back into the car and Alice Anne randomly chose another hotel - the Hale Koa - and they walked to it's outside bar.

     "As soon as we were seated and ordered our drinks, I felt completely relaxed. The presence discontinued. No more pushing." she said.

     She soon noticed a man in the bar, grinning in the direction of their table. She asked her daughter, "There's a man at the bar who keeps looking at us - do you know him?"

     It was Henry Holthaus.

     He was 17 years younger than Alice Anne - not her usual type. But as soon as she found out, he also was unfailingly confident that they belonged together.

     They were married Dec. 26, 1982.

     "The 17-year gap in our ages closes a little more each year," she said.

     Alice Anne, now 59 and an author alongside her continuing work as a psychic, said it took a long time before she figured out how the original "scales" message fit. Henry, now 43, and a chef instructor at Kapiolani Community College and the creator of the award-winning Hawaiian Passion line of hot sauces.

     "He wasn't a Libra, as I had assumed from the original message. He's a Pisces," she said. 'It was years before I realized the 'scales' in question were fish scales."