What people say about her work:

Healing Workshops I thank you for your inspired meditations. They enabled me to get in touch with parts of myself I had no idea still existed. . . . I feel a wholeness I've never felt before and with that comes a very nice serenity.

Paige Likens, Alameda, CA

Last night was the third of a series punctuated by coughing, horrendous snores, periodic hot and cold sweats and other artifacts of a nagging cold. I was very tired and considered staying home from work to go to the doctor. Then I thought I've been given this self-healing energy process. So I went into full meditation, grounded the Reiki symbols at root, power, heart, throat, brow and crown chakras. I slept relatively comfortably, wakening fully rested and energized. I went to work and had a good day.

Richard Wing, Instructor, Hawaii Business College

Thank you again for your inspired work. Other workshops often promise more than they deliver. You always deliver more than promised.

Christina Bechler, London UK

I'd been doing the self-healing exercise almost every night since the lumpectomy. . . . When I learned I had to follow my surgery with radiation I was pretty upset - but I became so relaxed after just a few of the positions that I fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning I felt ready. I still didn't like to have the radiation, but I was completely confident that I would recover, and I knew I had made the right decision.

name withheld, Minneapolis, MN

You have an extraordinary ability to foster learning and personal growth. Your workshops in dreaming, intuition and self-healing have had a profound effect on my life.

Chris Miller, computer consultant, Honolulu HI

Self-healing can be used for anything and everything. Anytime I'm going though something in my life I use it.

Holly Lawrence, Occupational Safety and Health Administration Inspector, Honolulu HI

Thank you for pushing me into the Reiki training. It was a profoundly moving experience. The final meditation, in particular, rocked me - then liberated me. I feel so blessed.

Loretta Sheehey, Attorney, Honolulu HI

Thank you again for our Reiki training and attunements. I truly have felt more - more grounding, more direction, more energy, since the training. I use it everyday . . . It feels wonderful.

Sharon Slaybaugh, therapist and healer, Portland OR,

My daily self-healing with Reiki has become a profound and powerful part of my regimen while living with AIDS.

Alexander Martin, playwright, Hauula HI

You helped me more than any doctor I have or am seeing today!

Michelle Reynolds, attorney, Palm Desert, CA

Dream Tools - Books and Dream IncubatorsI just read - almost in one sitting - The Last of the Dream People. Your book had me spellbound.

Robert Wolff, author, What It Is To Be Human and The Spiral

My senses were awakened by the eroticism of the love story and the gripping tale of adventure. Only on reflection did I appreciate that you were using your mighty spiritual power to teach me how to connect with the deeper significance of my own dreams.

Sheila Rainer, bestselling author of The Language of Flowers

I recently purchased your Series I Beyond Your Wildest Dreams tapes. Thank you for making something that works.

David Savage, Arlington, VA

I have loved using your dream incubation tapes. I very much enjoy your guidance, gentle humor, and down-to-earth advice.

Eva Willman, Manly NSW, Australia

I have read your book, Understand Your Dreams, and I like how you can translate your dreams. Some of the dreams that I translate make a lot of sense to me and it takes a lot off my mind.

David Brogden, woodworker, Leeds, Yorkshire, UK.

Understand Your Dreams is by far the most effective resource of its kind - the Rosetta Stone of dream interpretation!

Freude Bartlett, computer consultant, Point Reyes CA

Your talk was interesting, inspiring and also contained practical advice. There were a number of enthusiastic comments about your presentation which came at a time when busy educators need to look at other ways to approach school and life.

Laurie Wong, Delta Kappa Gamma Society, Beta Chapter, Honolulu

We so enjoyed your visit with us at Wisdom Network. Those on staff who saw the television interview as it was being taped are still asking us when the "dream lady" is coming back. We would love to have you back and have more time to share your wisdom and insight with our audience.

Carolyn Craft, Director of Development, Wisdom Network

Thanks again for the wonderful dream workshop. I've been working with it and already feel a difference. I hope we'll have a chance to experience your work again.

Margaret Ann Case, Director, Loving Touch Center, NY NY

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Phone Readings

Alice Anne, you have no idea what a precious gift of help you have given me. Your sensibility and wisdom gave me the knowledge to feel safe in my own home. Thank you. Thank you.

C. Wong, Honolulu, HI



You have always been such a loving, supportive, creatively expansive ally in my life, and for that I am forever grateful. You've guided me and so many others through the realms of life, death, dreams, and everything in-between, above and below, sideways, and even the realms that don't exist at all. You bring great joy and healing. Thank you.

A.M., Honolulu HI

Our conversation on the 16th has begun a new process in my life . . . I feel so much lighter and am working through the feelings of shame and guilt. I'm beginning to think more in terms of the future and it feels right instead of heavy and gloomy.

M. J. , Seattle, WA

Thank you for a very deep, profound session. I am so grateful for the wisdom and guidance you have shared with me through a most challenging time of my life.

T.O., Honolulu, HI

Thanks so much for your thoughts and insights the other day in my moment of angst. You were a golden anchor.

S. K., Honolulu, HI

Thank you for your peaceful guidance and continued support on my life path.

L. H., London UK

Thank you for your "target" insights. I feel inspired by the journey, reassured about the rightness of being here. . . .

M. M., Burlington, VT

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