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Understand Your Dreams

 The NEW EXPANDED 3rd. editon, with the addition of 1,000 new images and the new, easy-to-use, 3 STEP METHOD for understanding dreams - This best selling-book has been translated into German, Portuguese, and Hebrew - Understand Your Dreams is a handy tool kit for anyone who wishes to expand dream awareness. The easy-to-learn method presented in this breakthrough book has helped thousands to work effectively with their dreams, unlocking the deeply personal and transformative messages they contain. Now with the addition of more than 1000 new images, Understand Your Dreams is an even more effective resource to add clarity, meaning, and personal power to your life. Understand Your Dreams will help you

  • Remember your dreams
  • Uncover your dream's message
  • Expand the meaning of dream's images
  • Change bad dreams into good ones
  • Interpret recurrent dreams


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The Last of the Dream People

"A compelling tale told by a master storyteller of a mysterious and innocent native people whose dreams are instuments of guidance and prophecy. The Last of the Dream People will help unveil the deeper meaning of your own dreams and empower you to act upon their guidance."

LaUna Huffines, author of Healing Yourself With Light

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The Last of The Dream People